Here is what some of our students have said about Tom Nelson.


“I have had the opportunity to both take and host a class taught by Tom Nelson. I have found his program to be a cost-effective way to measurably increase my own personal shooting ability. Tom heavily emphasizes accuracy and accountability, which is a refreshing difference from many training programs that focus on high round counts at close range with little feedback on fundamentals. He also does a good job of both ensuring everyone is safe and progressing, but at the same time not leaving the better shooters out to dry by giving them tailored feedback to help them advance as well. Practical Pistol is a class where both people looking to improve their ability to defend themselves, as well as shooters looking for an edge in the competition field, can made progress. Look forward to shooting ‘on the clock’ with a shot timer, and with help lower your draw and split times. Check out PARA Training and expect real improvement that you can both feel and see on the timer.”

Nate, Logan UT


“Tom Nelson’s ability to train students is above many levels you would see with many other trainers. I was introduced to him at another training class that I was attending in Utah. I believe the fact that he is still going to take and host other courses gives him an advantage in helping to understand and improve his own courses. His talent of giving instruction allows many shooters the ability to be confident in their shooting ability and the gains I have seen in my shooting are remarkable. His instructional approach not only gives you the skills to be a better marksmen but the tools to bring with you to constantly improve. He has an ability to push you as a student to walk away from his course at a higher level, regardless of the level you came in at.

I have taken several courses in various forms of training (combat pistol, competition shooting, and advanced pistol techniques). While all are different, his offers a training that you can take home with you and improve on all styles of shooting. I highly recommend his personal instruction to gain the confidence and skills needed to be better than just a proficient shooter. I look forward to seeing him again soon.”

Richard Clare, Aurora, Colorado


“The instruction from Tom is absolutely fantastic. Not only did he teach me simple things that I simply hadn’t considered, he took more complex ideas and explained them in such a way that even new shooters completely understood. I’ll definitely be back for more.”

Matthew, New Brunswick, Canada

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