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A podcast for  kinda serious shooters. 

PARAcast is a firearms Q&A podcast hosted by Tom Nelson. Tom has been podcasting for 10 years and was a member of the original GunDudes podcast. Tom is joined by Steve Koski, Robert Wyatt and Kenny Terry. Steve Koski is a well known IDPA shooter who has won multiple IDPA state championships. Robert Wyatt is avid reloader, shooter left handed Master Class shooter and all around gun guy. Kenny Terry is a USPSA  Grand Master . Find out what they have been up to this week and their thoughts on firearms related topics, current events and listener questions. They might even play a little trivia game called Dead or Alive! Send questions to

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  1. After listening to Steve Koski’s totally ignorant comments about Trump and the bogus election we just experienced, I can’t listen to your podcast any longer. He knows literally nothing whereof he speaks. Not one point he made has any basis in fact. Not one court threw out any case on the basis of evidence. That’s just a fact. Every case was rejected on the basis of procedure. He says only one person has a problem with the election, Trump. Another falsehood. At least 19 state legislatures had a problem with it too. Even 30% of Democrats say the election was suspicious. Not to mention hundreds of people who signed affidavits. He claims people witnessed the counting. This is a lie. For example, in Michigan the Republican poll watchers were thrown out and not allowed to watch the proceedings. He claims no qualified people have done statistical and data analysis on the election. In fact, people like Matt Braynard,
    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD (the genius who literally invented email), and Robert Barnes, among others, have produced quite a bit of evidence showing the bogus nature of this election. So Fuck Koski and his sick Party.

  2. Love the podcast, lots of great info for those wanting to get into USPSA.

    Wish you would make more appearances on the Concealed Taco Dudes podcast. You brought a lot to the Gun Dudes podcast (especially Eric’s mom).

  3. Hehe I knew it was only a matter of time for Steve to drive all the fans away.

    I am looking for a recommendation for electronic ears. I like my Walker’s Razor folding electronic ear muffs. But the noise floor is pretty bad. Bluetooth is cool. Do you have any recommendations for slim, folding ear protection? I’ve heard ya’ll talk about it but I was driving and couldn’t write it down. Thanks!

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