Firearm Training Courses

Our Firearms training courses are geared for beginners to experienced shooters. Whether you are starting out with a new handgun or want to become a advanced shooter PARA can help you out.

To scheduled a One on One class contact or visit our upcoming classes page to see the next available dates on the calendar.

Practical Handgun One Day- Cost $150

This is our introduction into the Handgun. This class is great for beginners, but shooters of all levels of experience will gain a deeper understanding accuracy and weapon manipulation. This class will help you diagnose and teach  the fundamentals of shooting, so you can correct yourself or pass it on to a new shooter. In this class we will cover-

  1. Firearms safety
  2. Handgun operation
  3. Gear placement
  4. The Five Fundamentals
  5. Draw
  6. Reloads-administrative, Emergency and Tactical
  7. Skill building
  8. Malfunctions
  9. Movement
  10. Developing speed
  11. Know Your Limits

Practical Carbine One Day-$150

Our Practical Carbine course is designed to take a limited understanding of the semi-auto carbine to a well rounded knowledge of the weapons characteristics, controls, sighting, manual of arms and supporting gear.We will take shots out to 100 yards or even farther depending on the range, with varying targets to build a strong foundation of marksmanship. This class is open to all modern semi-autos carbines. In this class we will cover-

  1. Safety Brief
  2. Gear Placement
  3. Controls and Administrative Actions
  4. Marksmanship Foundation
  5. Zeroing
  6. Ranges and Holds
  7. Reloads
  8. Malfunctions
  9. Movement
  10. Transitions-Shoulders and Sidearms
  11. Multiple Target Engagements
  12. Positions and Cover

 Practical One on One 3 hours- $150

This session will cover the standards of Practical Pistol but with personal attention. This will help you improve your skills in a timely manner. In this session you will be given personal par times and a drills to improve your skills. This is a great tune up coarse for police qualification, upcoming matches and person defense.  Email Tom to set up this class.

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  1. Thanks for explaining that a firearms training course will also teach about finding the right range to shoot one’s weapon. I’d like to know more about that kind of class because I’m interested in buying a new gun soon. Perhaps a light handgun would be easy enough for me to handle.

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