Course Requirements

Thank you for attending our class. Here is what you need to know and bring.


1.  In case you are unable to attend the class you must let PARA know by 14 calendar days prior receive a full refund.

2. You will need to provide yourself lunch and other drinks besides water. (water will be provided, food will not be provided) A small cooler is also smart idea. A folding chair and some portable shade will make lunch and breaks easier on you. There will be porta-pottys at the range but plan on bringing TP just in case.

3.Make sure you have adequate protection from the sun. Long sleeves t-shirts, pants, a light scarf and sunscreen will keep you healthy in the sun.

4.Eye and Ear protection is required! You will not shoot without it, and you will provide your own protection.

5.One handgun- similar to but not limited to- Glock 17, 19, 21, 30, S&W M&P, Beretta 92fs, 1911 clones, Sig 226, 229, 220, HK USP, P30, HK45 and any other modern pistol or revolver. ( A back up gun for the class is also a good idea.)

6. At least 3 mags for your Pistol and at least 4 speed loaders for your revolver.

7. One day class attendees should bring  the class minimum of ammo specified for the class. We most likely will not shoot all of it but we will be close to those numbers provided so be smart and plan ahead.No ammo will be for sale at the class.

8. A holster that is safe will be required. No shoulder holsters or small of back holsters will be allowed.

9. Mag pouches are not required but will be very important to your success in this class.

10. Class will begin at 9am and will wrap about around 5pm so plan ahead.

11.Here are the directions. If you have any questions call, text or email me.

Tom Nelson

(801) 623-2825

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