Back to the Super Shoot with the 92.

This past weekend I shot my favorite local match of the year, UDPL’s Super Shoot. This was my 6th time shooting the annual match, and my second time winning the Ten Round Max division (TRM). I didn’t take the match seriously until about 2014 when I shot the match with my Beretta 90-two. I took 4th that year in TRM, then 4th with a Glock 34 in 2015 and 1st in 2016 with my M&P pro. I have always wanted to win it with my favorite gun, the Beretta 92fs.

This year I took out a well used Beretta 92 fs Vertec and tried to get it ready for the match. It needed new sights that hit point of aim, and some more trigger work. Done and done. What I should have focused on was reloading some better ammo. But all is well that ends well. Here is the video of this fun match. You should come shoot it next year, with a Beretta.

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