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A podcast for serious shooters. 

PARAcast is a firearms Q&A podcast hosted by Tom Nelson. Tom has been podcasting for 10 years and was a member of the original GunDudes podcast. Tom is joined by Steve Koski, Robert Wyatt and Kenny Platt. Steve Koski is a well known IDPA shooter who has won multiple IDPA state championships. Robert Wyatt is avid reloader, shooter and all around gun guy. Kenny Platt is a USPSA Limited Grand Master . Find out what they have been up to this week and their thoughts on firearms related topics, current events and listener questions. They might even play a little trivia game called Dead or Alive! Send questions to

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  2. Alright Robert Wyatt don’t be crackin’ on shooters over 50…or you might find yourself gettin’ beat up by an ‘ole man 🙂 Tactical Hobbit out…

  3. I thought this was supposed to be NICE to IDPA. If your trying to bring back IDPA shooters your not doing it with this podcast. All I head was what would improve IDPA based on your opinion. It was my hope you would have talked about equipment selection, shooting stages and personal improvements in the sport. I still see many shooters with IWB and shirts, yes there are the gamers but its still a shooting sport and deserves some respect. Still enjoy your podcast but please stop trashing IDPA.

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