Practical Handgun 5/6/17

Practical Handgun May 6th Fairfield Utah.

Practical Handgun will be taught by Tom Nelson, Robert Wyatt and multiple-time IDPA state champion Steve Koski. This class will take a practical pistol shooting approach to the handgun, focused on improving raw pistol skills, with a large emphasis on building your shooting vision. This will be a 1 day class. You will need to bring 400 rounds ammo and at least 3 magazines, check out our course requirements to see what you need to bring.   Class tuition will be $150, and there will only be 8 spots in the class. In this class we will cover-

  1. Gear selection
  2. Fundamental tune up. (making sure your doing it right.)
  3. Mental side of shooting
  4. Accuracy tune-up
  5. Advanced grip
  6. Advanced trigger pulls
  7. Draws, Reloading.
  8. Target transitions
  9. Shooting on the move
  10. Position Entrance and Exit

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