Advanced Handgun June 8th

Advanced Handgun is built around learning and refining the skills needed to use a handgun effectively. This class is for people who have experience with the handgun but want to take it to a higher level. The class will focus on improving the skills of  shooting and supporting the semi-automatic handgun though drills, stages and dry-fire. We will not be discussing tactics or mindset, but focusing exclusively on improving the accuracy and speed of the shooting process.

We will cover

  1. Safety
  2. Grip (in depth)
  3. Stance (in depth)
  4. Trigger control (a lot)
  5. Sights
  6. Drawing Refinement (open, concealment and retention with timer.)
  7. Reloading Refinement (with timer)
  8. Vision (seeing the sights in recoil.)
  9. Movement
  10. Final drills ( when you try to win swag )
  11. And more

Class will start at 9am. The round count of the class will be 400 rounds and will be about 8 hours long. You will need to bring a lunch, water will be provided.

Price of the class is $150

Email for a veterans discount.

The class will be held at the Farm Training Center in Fairfield UT.